Ludwig Leo: Umlauftank 2 is one of ten prize winners of the DAM Architectural Book Award.

Jury statement:

The obviously young designer: Siyn Mao, has the greatest joy to create a book about a monster, a dinosaur. The Wüstenrot Foundation has renovated the enigmatic structure and documents it in this publication. The cover is so simple, but grandiosely designed, with two special colors. Pink and blue - actually just like the building itself, it needs no typography, no title. Only at the third or fourth glance does the supposed graphic become a read line. The foundation itself takes a very low profile, with a logo on N4. An invigorating mix of documentary and new photos, black and white and color, plans, interviews, drawings - all very complex, but visually coherently presented on 290 pages. Text, heavy and wide single-column, fits the theme. It is a great pleasure to experience this building - the publication succeeds brilliantly in this. (Wilhelm Opatz)

Reading Architecture / Architektur lesen!

"Reading Architecture / Architektur lesen!“ is a lecture series taking place from Wednesday, October 14 to Friday, October 16 on DAM’s  Youtube channel, organized by adocs, av edition, Birkhäuser, DETAIL, DAV, DOM Publishers, gta Verlag, JOVIS, M BOOKS, and Spector Books.


On Wednesday at 6PM Ludwig Engel, Zamp Kelp and Anne König will present Zamp Kelp: Luftschlosser. Ein Blick auf Haus-Rucker-Co / Post-Haus-Rucker. Moderated by David Kasparek. 

Link to the event:

And on Thursday at 5:30PM Gregor Harbusch, Pablo von Frankenberg and Jan Wenzel will talk about Ludwig Leos enigmatic Umlauftank 2. Moderated by Katrin Voermanek.

Link to the event:

Thanks a million to DAM for hosting the event!

Looking forward to meet you online! 

NEW RELEASE: Martin Gross: Das letzte Jahr. Aufzeichnungen aus einem ungültigen Land

Die Aufzeichnungen eines knapp vierzigjährigen westdeutschen Autors, der im Januar 1990 nach Dresden gezogen war, um das letzte Jahr der DDR mitzuerleben und mitzuschreiben: hellsichtig, melancholisch, stilistisch brilliant (Tobias Lehmkuhl, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Das Jahr 1990 freilegen received the Preis der Stiftung Buchkunst

We are overwhelmed and would like to thank everyone who contributed to this montage of pictorial documents and voices from 1990, especially the photographers whose images we were kindly allowed to use, Alexander Kluge for his essayistic reflections and stories that look back on this year from the perspective of the present, and Martin Gross, the long time missing author, whose book Das letzte Jahr will be relaunched September 24 at Brecht-Haus Berlin!   

Chantal Akermans Verschwinden at Kompressor – Magazin für Popkultur

Tine Rahel Völcker and Massimo Maio talking about Chantal Akermans Verschwinden. Les Rendez-vous de Tarnów. The conversation is available at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

I Seem to Live at Kompressor – Magazin für Popkultur

Anne König and Nana Brink talking about I Seem to Live. The New York Diaries, 1950–2011, the first volume of Jonas Mekas’s key literary work. The conversation is available at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.