7 Postkarten für Innsbruck
7 Postcards for Innsbruck

In March 2016 Olaf Nicolai’s solo exhibition 7 Postcards for Innsbruck opened in the baroque Palais Fugger-Taxis, which had been home to a post office until the early part of the twentieth century. His filmicsculptural work made reference to the former usage of the building to which news and messages had been distributed. Over the lifetime of the exhibition, seven “sound postcards” were sent to Innsbruck at regular intervals. They were dispatched by a singer from various points on her tour. As notation for the songs she used seven photographs of stone carvings that Nicolai had made for the exhibition and which were on display in Innsbruck. Over the course of the show each song was presented with the corresponding image in a 35 mm film installation so that visitors could watch the work being created as the exhibition progressed. The publication restages the musical messages in the form of a book.

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Olaf Nicolai


Wolfgang Schwärzler


Eva Wilson, Alexandra Heimes