Ioana Nemeș
Artist Book

Ioana Nemeș is recognised as one of the most remarkable figures of the new generation of Romanian contemporary artists. This publication offers an initial overview of the long-term projects and singular exhibitions that Nemeș produced during her brief but extraordinary career. Fascinated with time, language, and non-linear narrativity, Ioana Nemeș’s practice was predicated on an ongoing and unconstrained process of self-evaluation. On the slippery margins between art and life, the Monthly Evaluations project, realised in different formats and media, is testament to the artist’s willingness to bring into the open her subjective experiences, dialogues, and confrontations with her own context and circumstances. Ioana Nemeș’s artistic environment, with all its strength and fragility, contrasts with a precise, almost surgical survey of the moods, desires, and situations that she experienced from day to day, becoming the basis for her enigmatic scenarios, which take the form of written statements.

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Ioana Nemeș


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