BaTeŽo Ka MiKiLu: Zastávka

Zastávka means bus stop in Czech – an unromantic name for a young village that still lacks a centre, serving merely as a traffic hub for the surrounding towns. Zastávka, south of Brno, is not a place where anyone lingers, it is where you change buses and travel onward: an urban model prevalent throughout the world. The Czech artist Katêrina Šedá was invited to Zastávka by a 15-year-old boy who goes to school there, but lives elsewhere. Together with five other students she began a visual field research project that was presented in 2013/14 at the exhibition »At Sixes and Sevens« at the Museum for Contemporary Art in Leipzig. Under the joint name BaTeŽo Ka MiKiLu, the six teenagers reproduced their Zastávka as a walkthrough installation, now available in the form of a guide-book including commentaries and interviews with all the participants.

16.00 €


GfZK Leipzig, Julia Schäfer


Radim Peško