Die Siedlung Dessau-Törten 1926 bis 1931
Bauhaus Taschenbuch 7

The Dessau-Törten estate served as a pilot project for industrialised housing between 1926 and 1928. The Bauhaus was confronted with the issue of providing cheap housing for large groups of people and arrived at different solutions. Walter Gropius pursued the garden city approach and constructed experimental terraced houses with elements of industrial prefabrication, Hannes Meyer and Richard Paulick developed modern high-rises with an urban flair, while Carl Fieger, Georg Muche and again Paulick proposed individual solitary buildings. On first glance, the estate might disappoint certain expectations of original Bauhaus architecture, but it can tell us more about modern housing than other estates of classic Modernism.

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Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau


Eike König / HORT


Andreas Schwarting