Francis Nenik
Doppelte Biografieführung
Volte #3

»Doppelte Biografieführung« contains literary essays on the crazy life stories of four forgotten poets of the twentieth century: Hasso Grabner from Germany, Edward Vincent Swart from South Africa, and, in the text that gives its title to the book, Nicholas Moore from England and Ivan Blatný from the former Czechoslovakia. Moore’s and Blatný’s initially promising careers are soon wrecked by personal misfortunes and historical events. Francis Nenik contrasts these two parallel existences — literally placing them side by side — and what emerges in this charged process of interaction is a literary wonder, wrought of chance commonalities and surprising twists of fate: a kind of double biography that could scarcely be more entertaining or heart-rending.

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Francis Nenik


Jörn Dege, Mathias Zeiske


Studio Matthias Görlich