Kollektiv für sozialistisches Bauen - Proletarische Bauausstellung
Collective for a Socialist Architecture - Proletarian Building Exhibition


The Proletarian Building Exhibition took place in Berlin in 1931 and was developed by the Collective for a Socialist Architecture, who intended it to stand in opposition to the German Building Exhibition. »Wohnungsfrage« has revisited original historical documents and made them the focus of discussion in a conference run in conjunction with the project bauhaus. Research into individuals like Arthur Korn, Alexander Altberg, and Hermann Duncker and their links to projects like the CIAM, the Marxistische Arbeiterschule, and the Bauhaus, as well as their connections with the USSR, demonstrates the degree to which the networks and political attitudes of modernist architecture were interwoven with one another.

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Christian Hiller, Jesko Fezer, Nikolaus Hirsch, Wilfried Kuehn, Hila Peleg


HKW - Haus der Kulturen der Welt


Philipp Oswalt


Studio Matthias Görlich