Re_Visionen des Körpers
DNA #10

This volume plunges into a number of different archives and resurfaces with physical techniques: Eliza Steinbock finds love in the Lili Elbe Archive, Europe’s largest collection of trans* and queer history; Carmen Mörsch describes how bodies that act as a medium for artistic expression communicate more than just art, inviting us to take a discrimination-wary view. Maaike Bleeker slips into the role of Neo in The Matrix and plugs a data-transfer cable into our spinal cord to ask how intellectual knowledge and physical knowing condition one another.

10.00 €


Daniel Neugebauer


Eliza Steinbock, Maaike Bleeker, Carmen Mörsch


Zeyno Pekünlü

Design Concept

Olaf Nicolai, Malin Gewinner, Hannes Drißner


Hannes Drißner, Markus Dreßen