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In classical music, interpreting a piece means rendering it true to the composer’s notation. In deliberate contrast to this, Raphael Sbrzesny takes the position of an “emancipated interpreter” in his artistic work, which links musical theatre, visual art, installation, and theory. In this endeavour his own body serves as a medium of representation and reflection; it is an arena for appropriating history and turning it into his own story. In this book, Sbrzesny organizes his work of the last years under the signifiers of doctor, soldier, twerp, poet, king, son, and Sophie, and connects them with his current projects. His work incorporates the media of video, sculpture, photography, and performance.

Text: Ulf Aminde, Felix Ensslin, Adrianna Liedtke, Andreas Linsenmann, Joris Löschburg, Kathrin Meyer, Daniel Milnes, Andi Schoon, Christoph Schreier, Sophie Seita, Susanne Weiß

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Studio Nicolas Zupfer


Raphael Sbrzesny, Nicolas Zupfer