Spector cut+paste: #1–4
4 bundled issues

Finally, the beginnings in bundled form: in 2001 Spector cut+paste was our first attempt at publishing. A magazine as permanent workshop—it was in these pages that we discovered the themes that still interest us today; here we learned to balance artistic and publicist practices; here we began to combine texts, images and typography into our own formats and to explore the content-based aspects of visual design. Four issues were published until 2008, and they are now for the first time available in bundled form. With contributions from Kathrin Röggla, Rimini Protokoll, Slavoj Žižek, Vladimir Sorokin, Tilo Schulz, Mark Hamilton, Christof Gassner, Olaf Nicolai, Aglaia Konrad, Thorsten Krämer, Gitte Villesen and others.

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Oliver Klimpel, Helmut Völter, Markus Dreßen, Maria Koehn


Jan Wenzel, Markus Dreßen, Anne König, Tilo Schulz