Ruwen Egri
Werner Möller
Ines Sonder
Vom Bauhaus nach Palästina. Chanan Frenkel, Ricarda und Heinz Schwerin
Bauhaus Taschenbuch 6

In the 1930s approximately 25 Bauhaus students and alumni moved to Palestine. The majority of the group came as emigrants, others had already been living there as zionist pioneers before their studies. The book follows the biographies of the three Bauhaus students Chanan Frenkel, Ricarda and Heinz Schwerin, as they start a new life in Israel and influence local architecture and photography, while coming to terms with zionist enthusiasm and the pains of forced exile.

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Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau


Ruwen Egri, Werner Möller, Ines Sonder


Yvonne Tenschert

Design Concept

Eike König / HORT