Spector’s publishing practice is settled squarely in the intersection of art, theory, and design. Based in Leipzig Germany, our publishing house explores the possibilities offered by an active exchange between all parties involved in the book production process: artists, authors, book designers, lithographers, printers and bookbinders. The book as medium is turned into a stage, a site of encounter for productive exchange. Finding innovative approaches to the medium today calls for a well considered interplay between the content, design, and materiality of a book.



Spectormag GbR/ Spector Books
Markus Dreßen, Anne König, Jan Wenzel
Harkortstraße 10
D-04107 Leipzig
Tel +49.341.264 510 12
Fax +49.341.212 24 11

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GVA Gemeinsame Verlagsauslieferung
Göttingen GmbH & Co. KG
Postanschrift: Postfach 2021
D-37010 Göttingen
Tel: +49.551.3842000
Fax: +49.551.38420010


Vertretung für den Buchhandel 

Hans Frieden
Vertretung & Beratung für Verlage
c/o G.V.V.
Groner Straße 20
D-37073 Göttingen
Tel: +49.551.7977390



AVA Verlagsauslieferung AG
Centralweg 16
CH-8910 Affoltern a.A.
Tel: +41.44.7624200
Fax: +41.44.7624210

Markus Wieser
Kasinostrasse 18
CH-8032 Zürich
Tel: +41.44.2603605
Fax: +41.44.2603606


Other Countries

Motto Distribution
Skalitzer Straße 68
10997 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49.30.48816407
Fax: +49.30.75442120

United Kingdom

Central Books Ltd.
99 Wallis Road, UK-London E9 5LW
Tel: +44.845.4589911


UK Sales Representation

Henry Thompson Publishing sales & Marketing
Tel: +44.208.8827389



Interart Paris
1 rue de l’Est, F-75020 Paris,
Tel: +33.1.43493660


North America

RAM Publications++Distribution Inc.
2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg. A2
Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA,
Tel: +1.310.4530043
Fax: +1.310.2644888


Australia / New Zealand

Perimeter Distribution
748 High Street Thornbury
Melbourne Victoria
Australia 3071
Tel: +61.3.94848101
Fax: +61.3.94848180

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