Sebastian Stumpf
a way

»There is something model-like about many of the ›white spaces‹ that Sebastian Stumpf exits in a unique manner. This model-like quality re-emerges in the urban spaces in which he carries out his interventions, as he often prefers to work in locations of modern-ready-made architecture. Stumpf‘s excursion into the functionalistic structures of our age or modernistic urban fantasies—including the London Barbican Centre in the Highwalk series—are also ›site-related‹ works in the best sense of the word. Here the artist reacts to and intervenes in the architecture, finally translating this intervention into an image.« (Taken from the essay by Florian Ebner)

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Sebastian Stumpf


Florian Ebner, Erich Schneider


Nicola Reiter