Philip Gaißer
Niklas Hausser

The apple and analogue photography: the two artists Philip Gaißer and Niklas Hausser have joined forces with pomologists to search for well-known and less well-known apple varieties. Sometimes they even climbed over garden fences to pick up those rare specimens that have now been forgotten. For this apple series, they used 23 different 35mm films, the acquisition of which has become as difficult as that of the apple variety "Pineapple Renette" (Fuji Pro 400H). The book "Alma" - named after the original apple from Kazakhstan - is not only a pomological encyclopaedia, but also a photographic commentary on the disappearance of analogue image technologies on the basis of an object that is also subject to rapid change and has lost its diversity. "Alma" reads like a compendium of the subtle differences in shape, colour, grain and sharpness - including the serial beauty of the flaws such as fluff, colour casts, rot spots.

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Philip Gaißer, Niklas Hausser


Hammer, Zürich


A.K. Lenz


Benjamin Bühler, Egbert Haneke, Dieter Treutter