bauhaus 1. Zeitschrift der Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Künstler / Artists
Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

148 pp.
with numerous illustrations
saddle stitching

Leipzig March, 2011
ISBN: 9783940064189
Edition Number: 1

Width: 20.5 cm
Length: 27.9 cm

Language(s): English, German

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau


Philipp Oswalt

Back in circulation after 80 years: Bauhaus - the new magazine of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. News from the Bauhaus world, essays, interviews and more. When the Bauhaus building in Dessau was opened in December 1926, the magazine Bauhaus appeared for the first time. It reported (with interruptions) quarterly on events in Dessau and on important trends in modernism. The articles were signed by names such as Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Marcel Breuer - pugnacious spirits who defended their positions here. The last issue of the magazine was published in 1931.
80 years later, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is publishing a new magazine under the old name. It is not about reviving a tradition that has been broken off and adapting to its continuation. Rather, it is about reporting from the presence of an institution that works at the same place where the historical experiment Bauhaus took place: the Bauhaus building in Dessau. Every six months from now on, the new magazine Bauhaus will focus on the work between historical heritage, current developments and a lively intellectual environment.
The first issue focuses on the role of the artist - at and after the Bauhaus; with contributions by Olaf Nicolai, Philipp Oswalt, Matthias Sauerbruch, Christina Tilmann and others.

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