Cairo. Open City
Neue Bilder einer andauernden Revolution
Florian Ebner/Constanze Wicke

232 pp.
with numerous colour illustrations
thread-sewn paperback

Leipzig April, 2013
ISBN: 9783940064707
Edition Number: 1

Width: 19 cm
Length: 25 cm

Language(s): English, German, Arabian

Florian Ebner, Constanze Wicke

Nicola Reiter, Ahmed Kamel, Andrej Loll

»Cairo. Open City« examines the roles that images are playing in the ongoing Egyptian revolution, from the outbreak of the Arab Spring through the present. The catalog includes a variety of approaches to the time-based media of photography and video, from the works of photo journalists, to recordings by activists and »citizen journalists«, to documents collected by different artists. The different chapters will generate a dialogue between the images: Cover images from newspapers will stand alongside photo galleries from blogs, iconic pictures alongside unknown images of people on the streets, images of martyrs alongside long-term documentary projects. The catalog comes out on the occasion of the exhibition in the Museum for Photography Braunschweig and collects essays from young Cairo-based authors.