Der Rhythmus in der Architektur
Moisej Ginzburg/Thomas Flierl/Susanne Strätling

132 pp.
with 40 black-white illustrations
thread-sewn softcover

Leipzig August, 2021
ISBN: 9783959052344
Edition Number: 1

Width: 19 cm
Length: 26 cm

Language(s): German

Thomas Flierl, Susanne Strätling

Moisej Ginzburg

Ginzburg Design Ltd., Malin Gewinner

Not only was Moisei Ginzburg (1892 – 1946) one of the most important architects of the Soviet avant-garde but his theoretical work was also the pioneering force in constructivism. Rhythm in Architecture (1923) provides an insight into Ginzburg’s early thinking on architectural theory, which forged links with the interdisciplinary reflections of modernism via the concept of rhythm, a term that was in frequent use around 1900, and defined architecture within the system of the arts. The book also refutes the later accusation that was levelled at the avant-garde that it had no understanding of proportion and composition. Hitherto Ginzburg has only been known as an architect: this book is intended to begin the process of making Ginzburg’s theoretical work accessible to a German-speaking readership. Thomas Flierl and Susanne Strätling, the two editors, have produced the first translation of the book. It launches the MAGMA series, which showcases seminal avant-garde texts from Eastern Europe.

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