Die Stadt ist unsere Fabrik. / The City is Our Factory.
Christoph Schäfer

304 pp.
with 150 illustrations
thread-sewn paperback

Leipzig March, 2010
ISBN: 9783940064950
Edition Number: 1

Width: 34 cm
Length: 23.9 cm

Language(s): English, German

Christoph Schäfer

Ina Kwon

Content: Lefebvre 4 Kids Appropriated Space 1979: Grande Latte – The City is Our Canteen Black Holes Hamburg: Surrounding the »Growing City« with Projects The evening I would like to have on Film

The City is Our Factory is a visual essay in 158 drawings. In six chapters, the artist Christoph Schäfer develops a rhizomatic history of the urban space: From primordial mud to the “Right to the City” movement in Hamburg in 2009. With watercolour sticks he retraces Henri Lefebvre’s concepts of space, the “Urban Revolution” anticipated by the French philosopher in the 1970s. In his theory, in the postindustrial age the city itself is turned into the central locus of production. In a society in which a differentiation between passion and work, privacy and professionalism is becoming increasingly difficult, the struggle for the city turns into a struggle for the means of production — a new struggle for the Right to the City.