Fehler lesen
Korrektur als Textproduktion
Tabea Nixdorff/Monique Ulrich/Jan-Frederik Bandel

80 pp.
with numerous black-white and colour illustrations

Leipzig April, 2019
ISBN: 9783959052320
Edition Number: 1

Width: 21 cm
Length: 29.7 cm

Language(s): German

Monique Ulrich, Jan-Frederik Bandel

Tabea Nixdorff

Tabea Nixdorff

Fehler lesen. Korrektur als Textproduktion is an essay on textual errors and a personal quest to find them. Misprints demonstrate the vulnerability of a text. Here we catch a glimpse of the pre- and post-production phases, work that is to a large extent invisible. Thus, the juxtapositions of words that are printed and those that are intended (errata) reveal far more than a simple genealogy of wrong vs. right: they document vestiges of the work done in the shadows, the wrestling with language. Displacements, reconstructions, and lacunae become visible. In her essay Tabea Nixdorff tracks the social, linguistic, media, and poetic dimensions produced by correction and textual criticism. Who does the correcting and what traces does this mostly invisible work leave behind? What shifts in meaning do mistakes trigger? To what extent does the medium play a part in authoring the text. Fehler lesen. Korrektur als Textproduktion appears as part of the Applied Publishing Studies series.

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