Józef Robakowski
Ludlow 38

152 pp.
with illustrations
thread-sewn hardcover

Leipzig December, 2011
ISBN: 9783940064349
Edition Number: 1

Width: 21.3 cm
Length: 30.3 cm

Language(s): Polish, English, German

Ludlow 38

HIT, Lina Grumm, Annette Lux

Józef Robakowski

Engaging in dialogue with other artists while at the same time rendering this visible in and through art has been one of the key aspects in Józef Robakowski’s (*1939, Posen) oeuvre from the 1960s. With this as its point of departure, the book covers, above all, the wealth of Robakowski’s ideas and methods in his collaboration with other artists. Robakowski is shown as an avantgarde-filmmaker and as a creator of experimental work responding to the specificities of context, working outside the official museum and gallery system to present politically critical works. The book accompanied his first US solo-exhibition in Ludlow 38 New York in 2011 and his first retrospective in ZKM Karlsruhe in 2012.