KW Pocket 1
Nedko Solakov/Ellen Blumenstein

160 pp.
with numerous black/white illustrations
paperback with jacket

Leipzig June, 2014
ISBN: 9783944669373
Edition Number: 1

Width: 12.7 cm
Length: 15.6 cm

Language(s): English

Ellen Blumenstein

Nedko Solakov

Studio Quentin Walesch

With »Markings«, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Spector Books are initiating a series of small-format, polymorph publications. They will be produced together with artists who have exhibited, intervened, or performed at the Kunst-Werke. The series aims to create a platform within which projects can be documented, continued or re-interpreted. Within the framework of the exhibition »Relaunch« (2013), the cooperation »Markings« between Nedko Solakov (artist) and Ellen Blumenstein (curator) inaugurated the new program of the institution Kunst-Werke. The reader of the book accompanies the artist and the curator on their walk through the building in Berlin’s Auguststraße. The comments and markings that Nedko Solakov »tagged« with a black marker on walls, windows, passages, and doors allow
the past to resurface, they revolve around the building’s present and presence and sketch out ideas for its future. They act as an appropriation of the space and simultaneously as a self-representation of the institution. The series will be continued with titles by Georgia Sagri and Merlin James.

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