Script of Demolition
Alina Schmuch

336 pp.
with numerous drawings and photos
thread-sewn gatefolded brochure

Leipzig September, 2014
ISBN: 9783944669281
Edition Number: 1

Width: 20 cm
Length: 27 cm

Language(s): English, German

Alina Schmuch

Jan Kiesswetter

Philip Ursprung

Often there are only seconds between the ignition of a blasting charge and the collapse of a building, but the planning for such a demolition can take weeks. Blasting is a profession that relies on experience, and that is conveyed through the medium of the image. The blaster, before he destroys the building, makes a complex technical drawing of the progression. The detonation itself is then recorded by several cameras from different view points. Afterwards the drawings are superposed over the photographs in order to control the blast. A permanent calibration, an optimization between the idea and the reality by the means of drawing and photography. In her artistic work, Alina Schmuch also mostly uses the medium of photography. For the project Script of Demolition she worked with the extensive image archive of the blaster family Fink. The publication includes different imaging media—from 8mm film to digital photography. The book presents movement sequences of collapsing chimneys, TV towers and buildings that have been recorded following explicitly nonaesthetic criteria.