Staging the Moon
Resource Extraction Beyond Earth
Marija Marić/Francelle Cane

92 pages

6 b / w- and 61 colour illustrations


Leipzig May, 2023
ISBN: 9783959057424
Edition Number: 1

Width: 24 cm
Length: 34 cm

Language(s): English

Marija Marić, Francelle Cane


Francelle Cane, Marija Marić

Armin Linke, Ronni Campana

From the development of human settlements on the Moon to the mining of asteroids for rare minerals and metals – the wild imaginaries of extraction-driven growth have, quite literally, transcended the boundaries of Earth. This shifting of resource exploitation from the exhausted Earth to its “invisible” hinterland – the Moon, celestial bodies, and ultimately, other planets – calls for an urgent debate on the impact this shift will have on our understanding of land, resources, and commons.
Staging the Moon: Resource Extraction Beyond Earth is a publication of the Luxembourg Pavilion at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. It critically unpacks the space-mining project from the perspective of resources, offering another way of seeing the Moon that goes beyond the current optics of the Anthropocene. Francelle Cane is an architect, researcher, and curator. Armin Linke is an artist working with photography and film. Marija Marić is an architect, researcher, and curator.