Katharina Gaenssler

670 pp.
407.954 black-white and colour images
perfect binding, softcover

Leipzig October, 2015
ISBN: 9783959050654
Edition Number: 1

Width: 21.5 cm
Length: 35.4 cm

Language(s): English

Katharina Gaenssler

Bernd Kuchenbeiser

Catalogue raisonné and artist book: TXT IMG brings together forty-one projects by Katharina Gaenssler, from her first photo installation in 2003 up to her latest project Bauhaus Staircase on display on the stairs of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Like her photo installations, where hundreds of single images come together to create a large-scale work, this monograph is shaped by the contrast between the fragment and the whole. It includes all the
thirty-four texts that have been written to date about Gaenssler’s work and every one of the 407,954 photographs she has taken to provide the material basis for her projects. The myriad tiny individual images combine on the pages of the book to form abstract colour sequences — taken as a whole they can be interpreted anew, becoming a photographic manifestation somewhere between a colour code and a dynamic spatial expanse.

Text: Quentin Bajac, Hans Dickel, Sabrina Mandanici, Stefan Römer, Wolfgang Ulrich, Peter Daners, Florian Ebner, Inka Schube and others

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