Cross Over
Fotografie der Wissenschaft + Wissenschaft der Fotografie

Scientific images are fascinating, because they reveal things and processes that remain hidden to the human eye. It has become possible to delve ever deeper into micro- and macrocosms and capture these worlds in images. In science does photography primarily serve as the visual aid of the researcher, or does is play a much larger role? Since the invention of photography in the 1830s new demands have been placed on the capacities of the medium as a result of developing scientific practices, which have led to the continuous fine-tuning of the possibilities of the photograph. Science thus produces images based on utterly different premises than those of documentary, advertising, or artistic photography. What defines the delicate relationship between photography and science? What photographs result, and how can they be interpreted?

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Christin Müller


Michel Frizot, Christoph Hoffmann, Kelley Wilder


Trix Wetter