Europe. South East
Recorded Memories

Europe. South-East—Recorded Memories presents works by artists from eleven countries in south-east Europe dealing with questions of collective memory and with different places and cultures of remembrance, as well as the role played by images in these processes. To what extent is the past still present in this region, characterised as it is by repeated conflict and war? Is it not the case that photography, video and film offer us privileged access to what has happened, to a past that we should continue to revisit and reconsider? The publication not only examines a wide range of historical narratives but it also explores the different uses to which the camera is put: as a device for producing matter of fact recordings or biographical accounts, for subjective documentation or historical analysis, or as a means to capture the vestigial traces of an action.
Published on occasion of the exhibition at Museum of Photography Braunschweig.

26.00 €


Nicola Reiter, Andrej Loll


Konrad Clewing, Suzana Milevska, Branka Vujanovíc


Goethe Institut, Juliane Stegner