Hito Steyerl
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Hito Steyerl’s texts are written in German and English. Published on pioneering platforms like transversal.at, they were later distributed worldwide and enjoyed a global reception as e-flux journals.
The anthology, the first of its kind, puts together a selection of twenty of these texts, translated into French. The collection spans many years, offering an insight into the intellectual path that this artist/author has followed over time. It maps out the recurring motifs of a line of thinking that makes a direct connection between the reading of critical theory and the culture of documentary cinema. This thinking acquires a political and social dimension beyond the new technologies of visibility, citing the effects of the Internet and of digital capitalism while at the same time further developing the tradition of artistic institutional critique. 
This publication presents the first written version of her 2006 lecture “Is the Museum a Battlefield?”. 

The anthology is published as part of the major retrospective organized by the Centre Pompidou, Paris, and K21 Düsseldorf. It is supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. 

Translated (from German) by Nicole Viaud, Christophe Jouanlanne and (from English) by Armelle Chrétien

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Hito Steyerl


Florian Ebner, Marcella Lista


Fabian Bremer, Pascal Storz