Idylle + Desaster
Die Fotosammlung Bogomir Ecker

For many years the artist Bogomir Ecker has, with his unconventional eye, collectedhistorical photographs: from nineteenth-century landscape photographs from all over the world to classical twentieth-century press and sensational photographs from the United States. He puts the photographs to direct use in his work as an artist, but they also serve as a source of inspiration for sculptural works. Bogomir Ecker’s collection open up a perspective on technological photographs, on science experiments, on how we see natural idylls, on images of natural catastrophes, violence, and accidents. It permits views into the monstrous qualities of objects and into urban scenes of danger and subtle threats.
The book  »Idylle + Desaster« was published in conjunction with a Bogomir Ecker exhibition at the Museum für Fotografie in Berlin.

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Florian Ebner, Ludger Derenthal


Günter Karl Bose


Bogomir Ecker