Im Krieg
Ukraine, Belarus, Russland

Russia is waging war against Ukraine, turning Belarus into a vassal state, spreading disinformation around the world, and using the war as an excuse to escalate domestic repression and the media manipulation of its own people. But what does it mean to be confronted with war? How can it be resisted in the face of repressive measures that are both unrelenting and unpredictable? How does Russian disinformation work? This book brings together thirty essays and conversations published on the Geschichte der Gegenwart online magazine between 2016 and 2022. They examine the background situation and current developments from different perspectives in an illuminating analysis of the dramatic events in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

The online magazine Geschichte der Gegenwart is edited by Swiss and German scholars specializing in the humanities and cultural studies. The articles published in the magazine are centred on these fields.

Eds: Gleb Albert, Brigitta Bernet, Svenja Goltermann, Gesine Krüger, Christine Lötscher, Philipp Sarasin, Sylvia Sasse, Janosch Steuwer, Sandro Zanetti

Text: Zaal Andronikashvili, Juliane Fürst, Artur Klinaŭ, Riccardo Nicolosi, Andrea Pető, Michail Ryklin, Sylvia Sasse, a. o.


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Merle Petsch