Offenbach Kaleidoskop
Geschichten eines Hauses

Offenbach Kaleidoskop: Geschichten eines Hauses takes as its starting point an enigmatic building from the 1970s and examines questions, both major and minor, relating to contemporary urban development. The Gothaer-Haus in Offenbach am Main becomes the springboard and initial focus for conversations with people whose personal and professional connections take us behind the façade, deconstructing the building as part of a complex network of relationships. Tales of residents are woven together with voices from the worlds of architecture, monument preservation, cultural history, administration, urban politics, and the local neighbourhood. Just as the house reflects a kaleidoscopic image of its immediate surroundings, the conversations prompt new ways of looking at the mechanisms, ideologies, and fortuities that shape the contemporary city and its buildings.

28.00 €


ANA – Architektur, Narration, Aktion, Jan Engelke, Lukas Fink, Tobias Fink


Tobias Fink


Marion Kliesch, Sam Tyson