Soft Spots
Biennale Matter of Art 2022

This publication brings together new as well as existing essays, interviews, short stories, and reports from different fields and geographies on various issues, mapping the space of Eastern Europe and beyond with a special emphasis on “beyond”. The point of departure is exhaustion–mental exaustion, cultural exhausion, material and economic exhausion–and the ensuing strategic position of weakness or softness. The texts address a variety of topics: racialization, decolonization of museums and meseology, the intricacies of cultural exchange, and the implications of radical modernist traditions of thought and aesthetics. They are accompanied by artistic interventions by Dorota Brázdovičová, Markéta Soukupová, and Tarek Lakhrissi. 

28.00 €


Rado Ištok, Renan Laru-an, Piotr Sikora, Tereza Stejskalová



Ondrej Bachor


Jonathan Bruun