Stille Straße
Wilma Renford
Stille Straße 10 + Assemble


In »Stille Straße 10« in the Pankow district of Berlin, a group of elderly people saved their meeting house from closure. The members of the group occupied the building for 112 days and took the initiative to organise and run it themselves. The fate of the place is still unresolved. The London-based architecture collective Assemble set up a dialogue with the group about community building, active citizenship, and housing for the elderly and have developed a housing model for »Wohnungsfrage« based on spaces for shared activities.

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Assemble, Stille Straße, Wilma Renford


Christian Hiller, Jesko Fezer, Nikolaus Hirsch, Wilfried Kuehn, Hila Peleg


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Studio Matthias Görlich