the end of the world as we know it ist der Beginn einer Welt, die wir nicht kennen [en]

The digital age has changed photography: images circle the globe in seconds and involve us in a conflicted present. Just as in the nineteenth century, when industrialization caused cities to grow in leaps and bounds and reportage emerged as a new form of narrative disseminated by the mass media — a transmitter of urban experience — it is imperative today to come to a renewed understanding of what photographic modalities are appropriate for conveying an image of the world. The publication produced in conjunction with the 7th f/stop Festival for Photography in Leipzig is a passionate plea for a photography that chronicles events: artistic photographs appear next to press images, private snapshots next to historical reportage. For this community of images is what constitutes photography: not one single image but all of them.

With Photographies from Khaled Barakeh, Bertolt Brecht, Robert Capa, Monika Haller, Familie Khalil, Jens Klein, Andreas Langfeld, Gilles Raynaldy, Gerda Taro, Erik van der Weijde, Jonas Zilius a.o.

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Anne König, Jan Wenzel


Anne König, Jan Wenzel, Ariella Azoulay, Khaled Barakeh, Gilles Saussier, Max Linz


Wolfgang Schwärzler