The starting point of this artist’s book is Zuneigung (2020/21) by Markus Ebner. So far, it consists of ten copies of Günter Fruhtrunk’s 1982 painting of the same title. Five texts—essays and memoirs—were written around this work, dealing with questions of artistic copying and appropriation, with Fruhtrunk’s late work and Ebner’s project. 

Markus Ebner, painter, Frankfurt a. M. and Berg (Lake Starnberg). He studied under Günther Fruhtrunk at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich until to his death 1982. 
Kito Nedo, author and journalist, Berlin/Basel. 
Florian Illies, writer and journalist, Berlin. 
Jürgen and Ute Habermas, Starnberg. 
Dr. Astrid Fendt, classical archaeologist and art historian, senior conservator/curator at the State Collections of Classical Antiquities and the Glyptothek, Munich. 
Florian Ebner, head of the photography collection at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

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Markus Ebner


Jacky Strenz


Kito Nedo, Florian Illies, Jürgen und Ute Habermas, Dr. Astrid Fendt, Florian Ebner


Philipp Arnold


Markus Ebner