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Bauhaus 9 focuses on substance. The magazine examines the material stock of the historic Bauhaus and the contemporary materials labs in art, design, and science. In an age of increasing dematerialization, Bauhaus 9 interrogates the nature of things and examines the material and non-material essence of famous Bauhaus objects and buildings. It shows experiments and prototypes, material dances on the Bauhaus stage, handcraft controversies in the workshops, and material samples from the building research archive. The magazine looks at material explorations with such Bauhäusler as Josef Albers and Otti Berger and meets artists like Markus Hoffmann and Amor Muñoz, who have turned their attention to modern-day material questions as part of their Bauhaus residency at the Masters’ Houses. Bauhaus 9 also looks to the future with the research project “smart materials satellites” and explores the design potential of new materials.

Contributions: Regina Bittner, Torsten Blume, Markus Hoffmann, Clemens Krauss, Monika Markgraf, Claudia Perren, Lilo Viehweg a. o.

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