Christoph Schäfer

With contributions from Berker Basmacı, Atif Bayazit, Justus Faulinzer, Daniel Kamiab, Mehmet Şahinler and Kim Wrigley.

32 pp.
45 colour images
newspaper folded

Leipzig December, 2016
ISBN: 9783959050111
Edition Number: 1

Width: 35 cm
Length: 51 cm

Language(s): Turkish, English, German

Christoph Schäfer

Anne Büttner, Janos Szeymies

The occupation of Gezi Park by a few hundred people in 2013 snowballed to become the largest protest movement in Turkish history. The sketches and jottings in »Bostanorama« revolve around this event. Almost nothing has been achieved as yet, but something made its presence felt in the nature of the protest that might be a harbinger of crucial information for emancipatory movements around the world. »Bostanorama« is inspired by the bostans, the small urban farms that have been part of life in the Turkish metropolis for the last six hundred years. The series of drawings was one of the most acclaimed and tweeted works at the 13th Istanbul Biennial. »Bostanorama« is published in newspaper format and is accompanied by an essay by the artist, whose take on spatial theory and the history of gardens dynamically combines a protesters’ fast-breaking in Yeniköy with football fans, barbers, activists, and Muslim hardware dealers in Kaghitane, Besiktas, and St Pauli.

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