Catalogue Raisonné (Clichés)
Inga Kerber

224 pp.
with numerous colour illustrations

Leipzig September, 2013
ISBN: 9783940064769
Edition Number: 1

Width: 20 cm
Length: 27.5 cm

Language(s): English, French, German

Inga Kerber

Daniel Rother

The word »cliché« is of French origin and other than its German equivalent, it can refer to more than a printing plate or a preconception, for instance also to a photo negative, a print and the act of taking a picture. Inga Kerber makes use of this semantic variety with a condensed overview of her archives, organised according to classic, clichéd image categories: landscape, still life, portrait, nude. The artist choses subjects, scans the originals, prints them and arranges them into series. Shifts of colour or small flaws that appear in the process of reproduction are not retouched, but rather acknowledged as a quality in themselves. »Cliché« is a book that sees reproducibility as an essential mode of images: their circulation leaves traces, in our memories as well as in the images themselves.

Sponsored by the Stiftung Kunstfonds with resources by VG Bild-Kunst.

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