Über doppelte Musik
Tania Prill/Peter Tillessen

128 pp.
with 50 black-white illustrations
thread-sewn softcover

Leipzig April, 2021
ISBN: 9783959052481
Edition Number: 1

Width: 15 cm
Length: 22 cm

Language(s): German

Tania Prill, Peter Tillessen

Peter Tillessen

Peter Tillessen’s artistic project Whatever harks back to the classical tradition of the quodlibet, a piece of music in which several, initially unrelated songs are sung at the same time. Tillessen applies this principle to pop music. In different sessions he has two musicians in each case perform two different concerts in parallel with one another. This publication presents the thoughts of prominent scholars in the fields of music, art, and culture, alongside lawyers and experts in cognitive science, as they examine aspects of duplication in art and music, as well as copyright, plagiarism, and multitasking. The book comes with a link where ten unique pop doubles (e. g. Let It Be together with Three Little Birds) can be heard and downloaded.

Tania Prill is professor of typography at the University of the Arts Bremen. She lives in Bremen and Zurich and runs her own design studio since 2018. Tania Prill co-published Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975 with Spector Books in 2016.

Peter Tillessen lives and works as an independent artist in Zurich. He studied photography at FAMU in Prague and ZHdK in Zurich. His work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions. He published Cial Drawings and Superficial Images with Spector Books in 2016.

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