Anna Paul – Seven Things
Unvollständiges Nachschlagewerk / Incomplete Compendium
Anna Paul/Christian Hoffelner

224 pp.
10 b/w and 271 color illustrations
thread-sewn hardcover

Leipzig April, 2024
ISBN: 9783959058292

Width: 19 cm
Length: 27 cm

Language(s): English, German

Anna Paul, Christian Hoffelner

Christian Hoffelner, CH STUDIO

Stefanie Sargnagel, Katia Porro, Robert Walser, Christie Pearson

Bread as currency, bathing as politics, art as precarity or sausage as longing - Anna Paul's "Sieben Zwetschken" ("Seven Things") bring together her sculptures from A-Z in an incomplete compendium.
Selected works from the last ten years. Over this period, she has created 50 projects and editions with more than 250 individual objects.  In her artworks, Anna Paul creates a stimulating staging of the everyday, opening up a fresh perspective on human habits through her experimental and at the same time critical and humorous approach.
Analogous to the "Sieben Zwetschken" exhibition, the monograph takes the form of an incomplete encyclopedia and provides an insight into the diversity of her work. It assigns objects from her situational work to associative themes and, with texts by Christie Pearson, Katia Porro, Stefanie Sargnagel and Robert Walser, tells of objects and rituals, objects made of flour and water, glass or wax, of social structures and their possibilities for participation.

Anna Paul (*1987) is a visual artist who lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She produces objects and sculptures in various materials and contexts as social sculptures or participatory environments. Christian Hoffelner (*1983) is a designer and teacher, author and editor from Vienna, Austria.

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