Lebensgroßer Newsticker
[Life-Size News Ticker]
Volte #4
Aboud Saeed/Jörn Dege/Nikola Richter/Mathias Zeiske

140 pp.
with black/white and colour images
thread-sewn paperback

Leipzig June, 2015
ISBN: 9783959050432
Edition Number: 1

Width: 11 cm
Length: 18 cm

Language(s): German

Jörn Dege, Nikola Richter, Mathias Zeiske

Aboud Saeed

Studio Matthias Görlich

Sandra Hetzl


In spring 2011, Syria witnessed a popular uprising against its government, which retaliated with a show of force. At about the same time, thirty-year-old Aboud Saeed began his own quite personal revolution — on Facebook, where he turned daily status updates into a transcript of his life. In Life-Size News Ticker, his second book, he tells of his childhood in northern Syria, his school years under the Baath regime, his life as a migrant worker in Lebanon, the start of the war, his flight to Turkey, and his arrival in Germany. The biographical accounts collected here concentrate on daily life in Syria in the 1990s and 2000s, a »period of chaos under the shadow of a family dictatorship«. They tell of personal conflicts within the home, because »the little incidental confrontations are echoes of the great wars«.

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