Man vermisst diesen Planeten
Über das Unheimliche. Volte #9
Pascal Richmann/Jörn Dege/Mathias Zeiske

256 pp.

perfect bound softcover

Leipzig February, 2021
ISBN: 9783959054072

Width: 11 cm
Length: 18 cm

Language(s): German

Jörn Dege, Mathias Zeiske

Pascal Richmann

Design Concept
Studio Matthias Görlich

This book looks at the uncanny, at all the things, in other words, that “are meant to remain hidden and have become apparent”—made evident, above all, by unforeseen relationships, lines of connection, and the breaking down of borders: between the present moment and the act of narration, between one’s personal memories and the Internet, between the moon landing, Moby Dick, Johannes Kepler, the Kennedys, the first radio play, the last castrato, and Notre Dame on fire. Pascal Richmann has woven together two hundred voices, from Christa McAuliffe to Tsunemi Kubodera. The result is a narrative without a centre, non-hierarchical and impulsive, developed in the concentrated form of an investigation, a large six-part collage essay about everything and the uncanny.

Pascal Richmann is an author of prose, spoken texts, and poems. Über Deutschland, über alles was published in 2017 by Hanser Verlag. Versions of the sections included here were aired by SWR 2 as radio essays.

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